1. Who They Say You Are (Single)
    A Girl Named Mo

  2. March feat. Deva Mahal (Single)
    Electric Wire Hustle

  3. Rings EP

  4. Smokelight (Single)

  5. Waves (EP)
    Aron Ottignon

  6. Aeons EP (Bonus Track Version)
    Electric Wire Hustle

  7. Brother Sun feat. Kimbra (Single)
    Electric Wire Hustle

  8. The Karl Marx Project

  9. Chemistry feat. Iva Lamkum
    Isaac Aesili

  10. Devil Inside EP
    Yes King

  11. Get Up Stand Up
    Tūtahi (Stand As One)

  12. Sweet Like A Lolly - EP
    DJ Vadim

  13. Dubcatcher
    DJ Vadim

  14. Dubcatcher Tour EP & Album Taster
    DJ Vadim

  15. In the Red (Sweeps Ram Time Remix)
    Newtown Rocksteady

  16. Hardground / Just Like Me
    Yes King

  17. Overproof (Eavesdrop Remix)
    Yes King

  18. Sampa Soul (Module remix)
    Hollie Smith & Zimbo Trio

  19. Come Home Mr. Ill
    Tommy Ill

  20. Stories From Elsewhere
    Rhian Sheehan

  21. Re-Record... Not Fade Away
    Yes King

  22. Pins & Needles

  23. WINTER
    Various artists

  24. Outside
    The Midnights

  25. Loop Select 009: Kono 002

  26. Tommy Ill
    Tommy Ill

  27. Chilli Moules (Ltd Edition 7”)
    Eru Dangerspiel

  28. Great New For The Modern Man (Live at the Auckland Town Hall)
    Eru Dangerspiel

  29. Bridging The Pacific, Vol. 2

  30. Coast

  31. Twilight Stolen

  32. Surfaid - The Music
    Various Artists

  33. Skallander

  34. Bridging The Pacific, Vol. 1

  35. Matchsticks
    Tommy Ill

  36. Rock This World
    Yes King

  37. Straight Answer Machine
    Samuel F. Scott & the B.O.P.

  38. Carbon

  39. Perfect Timing

  40. Diamond Side
    Paul McLaney

  41. Loop Select 008: Rare Vision

  42. Our Place
    Adi Dick

  43. OE: Brazil
    Various artists

  44. Edin
    Paul McLaney

  45. Flavour Country

  46. The Hunt Brings Us Life
    Samuel Flynn Scott

  47. The Green Room 005: Whanau

  48. Remarkable Engines

  49. Hiatus on the Horizon

  50. The Camels

  51. Loop Select 006: Kono

  52. Tiny Blue Biosphere
    Rhian Sheehan

  53. Music for Nature Documentaries
    Rhian Sheehan

  54. Prototype
    Video Kid

  55. The Upbeats
    The Upbeats

  56. Pushed (Keep On Pushing Remixed)
    The Black Seeds

  57. Loop Select 005: Good Shit Happens

  58. Newsoundlandscapes

  59. Mystical Soul

  60. Seek Know More Feat. Ladi6

  61. Loop Select 004

  62. Loop Select 003: Sounds From Aot(ear)oa

  63. Paradigm Shift
    Rhian Sheehan


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